We’re Expecting!

That’s right… the Collins family is growing!  Carrie is 13 weeks along, and she and Baby Collins are both doing great.  We couldn’t be happier, and Patrick is so excited to be a big brother!  Our estimated due date is September 20.  Stay tuned for updates!


Pregnancy tests!

Patrick is SIX!!!


Wow, time really flies – it’s already mid-March!  We’ve had a great 2012 so far, and Patrick is now a BIG kid.. six years old!  He got a new bike, which he really needed, since Jeff recently taught him how to ride with no training wheels.  (Told you he’s a big kid now!)  We celebrated his birthday with a fun party at Golfland with several of his friends.

Patrick is READING!

November 17, 2011: Patrick read his very first full sentence ALL BY HIMSELF!  He read,”The Sun is in space.”  He proceeded to read a LOT of the book to us, only needing help with a few words.  Wow!  As you can see, Patrick is VERY proud and excited!  We are proud of him, too!  :)

"The Sun is in space."

Disneyland Holiday

Meeting Mickey

Last year, we decided to start an annual family tradition: a trip to Disneyland to kick off the holiday season!  This year, we surprised Patrick by picking him up from school at lunchtime and whisking him away to the Happiest Place on Earth - his stunned response: “Seriously?”  Yes, we were definitely serious!  We spent 3 wonderful days there, enjoying the holiday decorations and, of course, the rides!  Jeff got to ride on Space Mountain and Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror for the first time, Carrie loved the holiday editions of Small World and The Haunted Mansion, and Patrick had lots of fun making his dad dizzy on the teacups!  We hope your holiday season is off to a great start, as well!

Snow on Sleeping Beauty's Castle


Haunted Mansion Holiday

Knock knock...is the White Rabbit home?


King Patrick?

Happy Halloween!

This year, Halloween came a bit early for the Collins family.  Patrick spotted the box of Halloween decorations in late September and insisted on decorating our house right then and there!  A few days before Halloween, Jeff and Patrick visited Mother Nature’s Farm and brought home two pumpkins to carve.  Jeff helped Patrick draw a scary face on his pumpkin, and then Patrick took over.  He scooped the “pumpkin guts” out, and even used a small cutting tool to carve most of the face all by himself!  Patrick chose a spider design for the larger pumpkin, and helped with that one, too.  We think he did an awesome job!  Patrick will be with his mom on Halloween night, but he told us he’s planning to dress up as a ninja for trick-or-treating.  Roxy and Lola will have to help us pass out the candy this year.